Yes a visa is required to travel to Rwanda the land of a thousand hills.

If you visit Rwanda as a tourist for the purposes of safari, leisure you are considered a tourist. You need a Rwanda tourist visa so you can visit Rwanda for a period of 30 days exploring the country with safaris/excursions. Rwanda is a member of the east African community so you can visit it using the East African tourist visa at $100 dollars allowing you free entry and exit into Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

You can apply for Rwanda visa online at Rwandan directorate general of immigration and emigration. The visa can also be obtained upon arrival at Kigali international airport. Rwanda visa on arrival allows all passport holders of all countries of the world to obtain a visa upon arrival at Kigali international airport. Or a Rwanda visa can be obtained in your home country through the Rwanda embassy located there. Your Rwandan tourist visa can be extended where necessary. Some countries made bilateral agreements with the government of Rwanda and so any tourist coming from there can benefit from visa free entry into Rwanda. Some of the countries include USA, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, Ghana, Seychelles islands, Mauritius, Central African Republic among others.

Requirements for a tourist visa

When applying for a Rwanda visa online, certain documents and fees are needed. So you need to inquire directly to the Rwandan immigration for the right information.

Documents required

Passport valid for 6 months,

Visa application form filled out with your hand writing

2 recent passport size photographs

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

Remember that the Rwanda embassy might ask for more documents if they want to make thorough verification. So all tourists must present themselves with all documents and be able to clarify your details. Other additional documents you need include copy of your itinerary, proof of sufficient funds.

Visa fees
Single entry visa $50 dollars per entry and is valid for 30 days. If you enter Rwanda with a east African tourist visa, you will have 90 days depending on the number of entries you make across the Rwanda border.

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