Gorilla Safaris – Rwanda, Uganda & Congo Gorilla trekking

While there 3 destinations where tourists can visit for gorilla safaris, each country offers a unique and distinct adventure with the mountain gorillas due to the difference if the geographical location. While gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest of Uganda is described to be a typical jungle adventure because of the thickness of Bwindi impenetrable forest, on the other hand the national parks of the Virunga massif region as more gentle and generally an easier hike.

There are over 900 mountain gorillas survising in Bwindi forest, Mgahinga national park, Virunga national park and Volcanoes national park all added together. Gorilla tracking is a strictly run conservation project which offers visitors a once in a life time experience visiting the gentle giants and a great chance to save these highly endengered gorilla species.

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