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Join Oree Safaris on a variety of exciting gorilla safaris starting from 1 day discounted gorilla tours to longer trips featuring wildlife tours, sightseeing city excursions, chimpanzee tracking, mountain hiking adventures, boat cruises, white water rafting specialized in 3 East-African destinations of Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Oree Safaris offers an extensive menu of gorilla trekking tours for budget, mid range and luxury travelers in small groups, family holidays and solo travelers. We have a price for all clients – budget tours, camping, car hire, local guides, buy gorilla permits for all safaris in Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Rwanda.

Top Tours Packages

7 Days Uganda Safari

7 Days Primates safari in Uganda with mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest, chimpanzee tracking & wildlife

hippos in queen elizabeth national park

2 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trek

2 Days gorilla trekking Uganda starting from Rwanda – Kigali driving to Bwindi national park with 1 night in Bwindi forest

3 Days Gorilla Tour Uganda

3 Days Gorilla tracking tour in Bwindi forest starting from Kampala or from Kigali with  Batwa Pygmies visit

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

3 Days Rwanda gorilla tour to volcanoes national park home to 400 mountain gorillas with 10 gorilla groups.

hippos in queen elizabeth national park

5 Days Nyiragongo & Gorillas

5 Days Congo safari with mount Nyiragongo hiking tour and mountain gorilla trekking in Congo Virunga NP.

hippos in queen elizabeth national park

5 Days Uganda Rwanda safari

5 Days Uganda safari with wildlife safaris starting from Kigali to Queen Elizabeth and gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest

4 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

4 Days Uganda wildlife safari starting from Kampala or Kigali offering gorilla tracking and wildlife viewing.

hippos in queen elizabeth national park

5 Days Uganda Primates Safari

5 Days Uganda primates safari with chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest and gorilla tracking in Bwindi forest

15 Days Uganda safari Tour

15 Days Uganda adventure safari with nature, culture, wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, chimps tracking

    WHY US
    While selecting a gorilla tracking specialists Uganda, Rwanda & Congo, we know, you have several choices. We love what we do, we are native EastAfricans ready to show you why we love where we live. We have a strong commitment to our clients, offering the best assortment of well planned gorilla treks to long list of happy, satisfied travellers who have referred our tours to friends and family.
    You can also find us on www.safaribookings.com

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      Oree Safaris is members of tourism regulation bodies in Uganda making us a reliable and trusted tour operators in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic for Congo.
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