Gorilla Filming in Uganda & Rwanda

Gorillas are wild animals but it is not extremely difficult trekking through rain forests to see them in the wild. Tourists visit gorillas through undertaking gorilla tracking and habituation experiences which give a chance to record a short video and take photographs. However, if you are filming gorillas for commercial purposes, you have to organize a Gorilla filming safari. Contact Uganda wildlife author whether you are professional filmmaker, media production crew, you must submit your application forms outlining your intentions to film gorillas. The number of people to see gorillas is limited to 8. In case your filming crew needs more than 8 people, you to agree with Uganda wildlife authority to determine the costs of excess people.

The cost of filming gorillas in Bwindi rain forest is $4200 per hour. Each person on the filming crew will also need to purchase a gorilla permit at $600 per person. Gorilla permits are best booked through a tour operator who also organizes a safari including transportation and accommodation.

Uganda wildlife will help you out regarding clearing of your filming equipment at Entebbe international airport. An agreement is also made between Uganda wildlife authority and the filming team. Once payments are made plus clearance of your equipment, you will travel to Bwindi. There are charter flights in case transporting filming equipment by road is sensitive. You will be able to record film of gorillas in their natural environment at very close distances without any barriers.

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