Gorilla Filming in Uganda & Rwanda

Gorillas, with their sheer strength and majestic aura, have always captured the fascination of many. But did you know that it’s not extremely challenging to see these wild animals in their natural habitat?

1. Gorilla Tracking and Habituation Experiences:

Tourists from across the globe are drawn to the allure of encountering gorillas in the wild. Through gorilla tracking and habituation experiences, one gets the rare opportunity to be up close with these magnificent creatures. It’s not only about the encounter; it’s also about recording those precious moments. Both short video recordings and photographs are permissible for tourists.

2. Gorilla Filming Safari: Going Beyond the Usual

However, those looking to film these creatures for commercial reasons have a separate procedure. If you are a professional filmmaker, belong to a media production crew, or have commercial intentions, a Gorilla filming safari is what you would need.

Application Process: Before you set up your cameras, the Uganda Wildlife Authority requires you to submit detailed application forms outlining your intentions. The key here is to be clear, specific, and transparent about your objectives.

Team Limitations: The conservation of gorillas is of utmost importance. To ensure minimal disturbance to their habitat, only 8 people are allowed for a filming session. If your crew exceeds this number, special permissions and costs will be discussed and negotiated with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

3. Costs and Permits:

Filming gorillas in the lush green backdrop of the Bwindi rainforest isn’t light on the pocket. The cost stands at a steep $4200 per hour. On top of this, every member of the filming crew must purchase a gorilla permit, priced at $700 per person.

It’s always a wise decision to book gorilla permits through a reputed tour operator. These operators not only manage your permits but also assist in crafting an all-inclusive safari experience – from transportation to accommodations.

4. Customs, Clearance, and Transport:

Navigating through international customs with bulky filming equipment can be a daunting task. However, the Uganda Wildlife Authority is more than willing to help with the clearing of filming equipment at Entebbe International Airport.

An official agreement is inked between the filming crew and the Uganda Wildlife Authority to ensure all rules are adhered to and the gorillas’ habitat remains undisturbed.

Once the payments are settled and the equipment is cleared, you’re ready to set forth on your journey to Bwindi. For crews with sensitive equipment, charter flights are available, offering an alternative to road transport.

5. The Filming Experience:

Imagine filming gorillas in their undisturbed, natural environment, without barriers, at incredibly close distances. It’s an experience that remains unmatched.

Gorilla filming, though a meticulous process, is a dream for many filmmakers. With the right planning and adherence to rules, it offers an unparalleled experience – a deep dive into the realm of the wild, capturing moments that remain etched in memory forever.


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